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Mylos Greek Tavern

You don’t need to travel to Greece to eat Greek anymore!

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About Us

Just imagine being a bite away from Greece!

Set within the trendy area of Mar Mkhael Beirut and is a go-to destination for a wrapped experience with a lively and vibrant atmosphere.
Inspired by the beautiful Greek islands, Mylos invites guests to dine within a tranquille interior, reflecting the colors of the sea

Our Story

Just imagine being a bite away from Greece
At Mylos that’s exactly where we’re taking you!

An authentic Greek cuisine in the heart of Beirut
Where carefuly prepared dishes are made using the freshest ingredients,brought to your table with lots of love.

Opening hours 12PM - 11:30PM everyday

Our Specials


We visited every Greek city in search for authenticity and we found it!

Feta Honey Pie

Crusty Feta baked, infused with honey topped with crunchy sesame, served with extra honey dip.

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Tahini Cauliflower

Grilled whole Cauliflower layed on grilled eggplant drizzled with tahini sauce and parsley.

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Lamb Chops

Four pcs of char-grilled lamb chops paired with grilled vegetables.

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Traditional pistachio Greek baklava served with ashta ice cream.

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Santorini Salad

Shrimps, Calamari, quinoa, red capsicum, palmetto, asparagus, artichoke, red onions, baby rocket, served with lemon caper dressing.

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Kebab Yogurt Pot

Traditional kebab skewers laid on pita bread smothered with garlic Greek yogurt and red sauce served in authentic pot.

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Chicken Baklava Pot

Chicken cubes, creamy cheese, and mixed vegetables wrapped in crunchy filo dough.

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Vine leaves stuffed with our rice and meat mix, paired with shredded lamb chops served with a side of Greek yogurt.

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